Would You Want Your iPhone to Literally Be the Key to Your Home?

From Nest to SmartThings to Belkin there are a ton of companies that are creating devices for your home that help you automate it. Setting your thermostat or resetting your alarm from your phone is no longer a “wow.” It’s quite plebeian actually. Ok, maybe I took that too far.

Beyond the fact that robots are taking over our homes (and we think it’s awesome) this latest product took me by surprise. I’ll admit I lose my keys as much as the next person, but do I need my iPhone to literally be the key to my home?

Kwikset has a line of dead bolt locks that are Bluetooth enabled and allows your iPhone to unlock your front door. You can even send eKeys to friends and family who you want to have a digital spare. The locks go for a little over $200 on Amazon.com and I can say they’ve sparked my curiosity.




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